How to get rid of opossums in the attic

New York opossums are considered types of pest due to their living habits which is usually in attics or underground. They look like a mouse but a much larger version and they can cause a lot of chaos due to their sizing. Inside an attic a lot can go wrong because of the opossum and it is best to remove them at once no matter how hard it may seem. First you can notice them from the noise that they cause whenever they want. Therefore it is pretty easy to detect that their indeed is something living in your attic. Similar to rat dropping, they also drop but with these animals, the droppings are pretty large. They can spread parasites within the house if too much pressure is added to the ground, baby opossums can fall down from the walls. However if they die within your attic, it can smell worse than anything else would have died. The hard part about removing them is that they are amazing climbers and know how to use their thumbs, therefore it is a hard part but it is possible! And there are two ways to do so, by hand or by a trap. If you would like to do it by hand, here are a few tips that can save you a lot of hassle.

For most of the time Buffalo opossums seem pretty quiet, however they do make sounds when they crawl around because their body is at times heavy for their legs. Therefore they definitely sound similar to a huge animal walking around. This would help get an idea of which area it usually tends to say for most of its time.

Figure out how they got inside, either by climbing a tree and entering through the window or open gap. This is very easy to figure out since as mentioned they are big animals, therefore they need a huge opening area. Once this is figure out, close it from the outside so there is no way to run. The best thing to do is to keep all the exits closed.

The time of year certainly matters since they usually may their way inside homes during the summer. They may believe at times that the houses can protect them from the heat of the outdoors. This may seem unrealistic since they would be in the attic, but they are the animals and technically the boss of the attics until they are removed.

Lastly, go inside the attic wear protective masks and gloves to make sure nothing the Buffalo opossum will do can affect you. Slowly find it and grab it by its tail. It may try to set free, but you need to be strong and firm and place it slowly in the cage. Once done, you finally caught it, call animal control to handle the rest.

The other way is to lure it into a cage with food inside, thus closing the doors once it makes its way inside the cage.

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